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low and high moisture readings affected by air RH

Hi Juan,

I distribute, rep, and contract for Gerflor Taraflex (Synthetic Gym Flooring) in California. It is all we do so I know the issues of a gym & synthetic & moisture intimately. It is unique in that there is no other space other than VERY high end factory floors where you have a large enclosed space, a single large slab, that gets flooring. Most concrete industry knowledge focuses on warehouses which never get flooring.

#1 what specific product are you using? you might have an option to use a higher moisture tolerant material or a slip sheet to handle higher moisture.

#2 you should be using RH probes in the floor. An analog meter is only of use to establish where to place the probes.

#3 you have no AC, that is fine but what you need is the ambient conditions and understand that the ambient conditions are what your installed environment will be. Make sure that is within tolerance. It is the large fluctuation in conditions (hot and wet to cold and dry) that cause the moisture in the slab to come to the surface and cause issues with flooring adhesives. Understand that your slab will never get dryer than the highest your ambient humidity is.

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