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improper probe depth

After 4 years of drilling and reading Rh levels once or twice a year for our company, I just learned yesterday, because of concerns on my part for consistently getting high readings, and from viewing this website, of the 40/20 depth requirement for proper readings. Yeah WOW! - That's what I said.
My training consisted of verbal instruction from a co-worker who had performed tests initially, and is no longer with the company, to reading the directions that came with the early readers. "Drill your holes 1 3/4 - 2" deep", he said.
From what I have learned in the last two days of research, on my own time and of my own initiative, is that I have been doing the tests correctly in every step, except for this one.
Now my superiors at my company are blaming me for not doing the tests correctly. Even though I was never given adequate instruction, I feel my job is in jeopardy. I do tests when asked to (infrequently), and I'm an installer (35 years experience, 17yrs. w/ company) primarily. This lapse has cost us a lot of money, not to mention unreliable results. Since I am not certified, and our company, not wanting to be held legally responsible for giving a go ahead for installation after high readings, another testing company is being brought in to verify our results. More time and money spent!
I want to be proficient at testing, and feel I am close, thanks to the information I have gained here. I will plead my case to my superiors for more education/knowledge/certification and see what happens. You guys really are Concrete Gurus!
Now to my question: having drilled holes 2" deep in a slab that is 3" thick, poured over a corrugated pan appox. 1/8" thick (according to some field measurements taken), what would the correct depth of holes be for the probes? .6" or 1.2" 20% or 40%? Also, if drilling .6", won't the probes stick out 1" above the slab? Is this normal, and how do you prevent them from damage from lifts, bakers, etc.?
I need to know where I made my mistake,for my own piece of mind, so hopefully, this will not occur ever again.


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