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astm meeting last week
05-12-2014, 10:14 AM
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RE: astm meeting last week
*************** Quote from eaadams **************
I hear the rh testing spec is getting a big change again?!?! Sleeves are changing, probes are changing, the spec is changing.

I hear they had some serious talk about psi in concrete and the rh testing and speed of drying.

So what is the real story?
************* End Quote from eaadams *************

Hi eaadams,
You have been misinformed.

There was no discussion of a need for changing sleeves or probes. I think you may be (or the person you heard this from) referring to the changes that occurred some time ago to the F2170 standard. With those changes, the probe designs and sleeve arrangement were modified, but all the manufacturers have already made those modifications and are now available.

I don't recall any discussions about PSI in concrete or speed of drying, but maybe that was outside the venue of F2170.

I think the ASTM committee is open for joining and only has an annual membership fee of about $75 if I recall correctly. I would encourage you to see about joining the committee and then maybe attending some of the meetings to stay properly informed and actively involved with the latest events and occurrences surrounding F2170.

Best Regards
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