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Who is Patrick Devlin?

Can anyone tell me who is Patrick Devlin? JD Technical Group Inc Chalfont, PA.

Is he a rep? tester? consultant?

Patrick Devlin,


I presume, is related to James, described in Linkedin thus:

"Moisture Mitigation specialist, positive and negitive waterproofing systems along with unique crack injection systems for industrial usage. Koster products in the NJ, Delaware, Pennsylvania and W.VA area..."
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Patrick is a tech support assistant at JD Technical Group, Inc.

And, yes, Mr. James Devlin, ICRI, is his father and owner of the Group.

Patrick Devlin is part of J D TECHNICAL Group, Inc. http://www.jdtechnical.com A mfg representative for Allied Construction Technologies (AC TECH). Representing Moisture Mitigation systems in a two part epoxy format with 0 VOC's in a 12 hr cure and a 4 hr cure time. AC TECH 2170 has the best perm rating in the industry, along with execellent spread rates, a 15 year warranty. It is a one coat system that works. Patrick's area of coverage along with J D Technical for Moisture Mitigation is Maryland/ DC area, Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. We are former Koster reps that now deal with the manufactor direct through AC TECH. Allowing for better pricing and typical next day delivery in our area. Check out our site: http://www.jdtechnical.com for updated information on concrete issues and training video's.

Oh AC Tech is it?

Interesting: http://actamerican.net/actamerican/

Amazing and it even comes in a familiar looking blue can...

I've got 6500 s/f of koster going down next week....

Thank you for the update Mr. Devlin. I'm enjoying your informative website along with
the numerous videos. I saved the article from CTL; http://www.jdtechnical.com/Documents/CTL_Comments_on_silicates.pdf

I have just completed a rather large warehouse floor using ACT products. Excellent results to date.

Let us know how the 6500 sq ft goes down Adams.

Isn't there a Franz Koster?

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