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We're almost at 3lbs MVER, so what if the rH is over 90% ?

(07-25-2012, 08:25 AM)CC Solutions Wrote:  and now the test has changed completely so it has no historical background.

I've been lightly abrading the surface for years using CaCl tests, no failures, it's got history to me. Then I've also NOT abraded the surface as well, no failures.

Just consider this: If you have to grind the floor to take a CaCl test you are changing the surface of the slab. You are increasing the porosity of the floor and letting it breathe. You are increasing the MVER at that area. BUT you are NOT grinding the entire slab, you are NOT increasing the MVER across the whole area. You are NOT testing a representative sample of the floor MVER.

I used to argue that point about changing the surface structure as well if I wasn't planning on resurfacing it before gluing a floor down. Then I realized it is better to know the higher value. Rolleyes

What you are trying to do is determine the moisture content of the floor using a test that is outdated and easily swayed by atmospheric conditions.

And what test is not influenced by atmospheric conditions? Does it not say in 2170-11 that the havc should be up and running for validity?
Stephen Perrera dba
Top Floor Installation Co.

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