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We're almost at 3lbs MVER, so what if the rH is over 90% ?

Ahhhh... But remember, I was the QC guy at a company that built clinics and hospitals. I have seen thousands and thousands of functioning floors.
I've seen some that should have failed but they held somehow. I've seen some installed so poorly I would have bet any amount of money they would fail quickly but they didn't. I've torn apart working floors and failed floors, and tested them in every kind of way you can imagine.

You want the RH equipment manufacturer to pay for a floor failure? Why would you expect that? They don't tell you what RH you need to install a floor, the flooring and adhesive manufacturers do that.

I'm saying I have never seen a floor at 75% or less RH fail due to moisture or alkalinity. I have seen failures due to improper installation on a perfectly fine slab though.
JD Grafton
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