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We're almost at 3lbs MVER, so what if the rH is over 90% ?

JD, your beginning to sound like the guy in the orange shirt. Wink I kid, I kid!! But you, you talk in circles. First you speak of MVER, then jump to water and back to moisture??? How is water MVER?

Actually ASTM F-1869 has said to lightly grind the surface for awhile now.. I think, hey is that as bad a drilling a hole in the slab looking for....... ?

So, tell me how long does it take the moisture vapor to move from the 40% level in a 4 inch slab to top and then out the top depending on surface openness? How about one inch? How much difference is one inch depth to 1.6 inches? That much? They say a cacl test only to one inch and on a 4 inch slab why would there be so a discrepancy in numbers?

Tell ya what, when all these experts put there money where their mouth is and guarantees the floor when tested with their infallible device I will buy into that.

Now when testing with in situ we are testing for hidden rh down in the slab, right? So if there is excessive rh down in the slab and equilibrates to the surface what does it do that is bad for floorcovering? Make the surface highly alkaline? Is it the pressure only or does it create high mver? If high mver then why not test for mver? Or are we testing for alkalinity or Cool

I think you have found your calling. You should write articles for the flooring trade magazines. Big Grin
Stephen Perrera dba
Top Floor Installation Co.

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RE: We're almost at 3lbs MVER, so what if the rH is over 90% ? - Ernesto - 07-19-2012, 12:40 PM

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