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Wagner @ WOC 2012

I attended the Concrete Field Test Breakfast sponsored by Wagner and FortiFiber a few years back. Same year I bought my stupid 1st rh meter. Also bought a stupid liquid level that to this day is unused.

Is Wagner doing any events of interest this year?

My education this year looks to be Floor Slab, Cracks, Fix Cracks, and Floor Slab but am happy to bump Floor Slab #1 and Cracks for a Wagner event.

Wagner is sponsoring a lunch at WOC on Wednesday the 25th. We've partnered up with Hanley Wood who is putting on a luncheon about Quality in Concrete Slabs. Please do stop in and chat with us at booth S12021.

We'll be at both ends of the Strip that week because Surfaces is going on at the same time. Anyone interested in free entrance to Surfaces, let me know and I'll be happy to mail them to you so you can pop on over. We will be doing a full hour product demo of both the Rapid RH and our handheld wood meters on Tuesday the 24th at 11am. You can also catch us at booth B3366.

Just got the e-mail reminder:

EXHIBITS: January 24–27, 2012
SEMINARS: January 23–27, 2012
Las Vegas Convention Center | Las Vegas, NV

Quality in Slabs Luncheon & Forum
Wednesday, January 25, 2012 | 12:00–2:00 p.m.

Sponsored by

How do you define a great floor? How does the owner define it? The engineer? And how are a great floor's attributes measured? Does the testing company know how to measure to show its true quality?
These and many other questions will be discussed at the Quality Concrete Floors Luncheon. You'll learn the definition of quality in slabs and floors beyond just flatness and levelness and how that quality can be measured, achieved, and recognized. Topics will focus on flatness, levelness, surface durability, joint durability, moisture content, and owner satisfaction and what you can do to achieve a good slab and control the project.
Terry Fricks, Fricks Floors
Jerry Holland, Structural Services Inc.
David Fufala, All Flat Floor Consultants

I went last year... Maybe I'll go again this year. You know what January in Wisconsin is like??? Dodgy

I'll take free passes if you're handing them out! I need passes to WOC and Surfaces so if someone has a lead....
I hear this is probably the last year for Ardex to be there.

Where are you guys staying? I stayed at the Encore last year. Really a nice place and two coffees and croissants were only like $32. :O

My favorite hotel was always the Alladin, which is now Planet Hollywood. I've stayed at dozens of hotels in Vegas over the years and like staying on the strip the best.
JD Grafton
Concrete Answers for Flooring Problems

ok JD, your Surfaces free entry pass is on the way. we'll keep our eyes open for some WOC deals.

I always stayed at the imperial palace. Total dump but was cheap and I could walk to surfaces. WOC is such a better show. An order of magnitude larger than surfaces. If I were to go again I would stay closer to woc. Surfaces is a waste of time, you can do it in a day. And with what you do Jd the same people have better presence at Woc.

Thanks Admin!

I know I took the free shuttle from the Wynn all the time.

Once I walked out of WOC and thought the Wynn looks uber close, I'll just walk... Well I found out the hotel LOOKS close but it must be two or three miles away...

Oh, and another mistake I won't make: I ordered passes for my foreman and his ID card came with all my information on it (email, addy, phone) and he ran around swiping his card to enter every stupid raffle and all that garbage so now I'm inundated with mail, spam emails, and phone calls from WOC.... You know the ones... "Hey JD this is Will from Diamondtech, how ya doing today? Boy how about that weather? Say the Packers are doing well aren't they? Hey I told you I'd call when I had a great deal on blades and I have a sweet deal on a gross of 14" diamond blades for only $250 each.... "

Like I'm going to buy $36,000 worth of blades... And blades I've never even tried! One guy said he'd send me a free trial diamond cup and if I liked it I promised I'd order a dozen. Well his trial cup showed up along with a $318 charge!!!!
So no more of that... When I want something I'm going to go buy it...
JD Grafton
Concrete Answers for Flooring Problems

Harrah's for 10 days! Nice because you can buy the Tram pass and the entrance is at the other end of the hotel. Two stops later and you are at the convention center for WOC. You can also jump on going the other way, get off at the MGM and walk across the street to Mandalay Bay for Surfaces. Let me know if you guys are going, I would love to have dinner one night. On JD of course! Big Grin


I wanna go too. I prefer to stay at the Venetian. Thanks. Cool
Stephen Perrera dba
Top Floor Installation Co.

In 2009 I visited the Wagner booth at WOC. They had a table to sit down at and some guy walked me through the whole RH thing. To this day I trust Wagner results more because of that talk.

However no one has yet to give a good reason why the concrete field test two years later was still at >90% rh.

It is as if concrete construction said 'der I duno'

It also helps that at 29 he didn't talk down to the young kid. Unlike most in the floor covering world.

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