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This job made me pause and think...

(10-21-2011, 07:16 AM)CC Solutions Wrote:  See, the problem I have with Carol is she didn't capitalize God. Thank God is capitalized. I always think something VERY bad will happen if I don't capitalize God.

Maybe that's what happened to the Roman Empire, you know, dominate the world for thousands of years and become world leaders, then they get lax and stop rounding off the bottom corners of 'U's so they look like 'V's, and then stop going through all the extra chiseling it takes to make a capital G when they chisel God on something, and pretty soon, SMACK! the empire collapses.

I'm not taking any chances, and Carol shouldn't tempt fate either... Exclamation

Well put JD!

I think the Romans didn't capitalize God because they had so many, they had to turn it into a generic term otherwise they would have gotten confused. There's a lesson in that somewhere...

Right on the Alzheimer's thing too. Regardless of their mental state, all our seniors should be honoured in some way. We lock 'em up in homes and forget about them...

DId you get the job?

The problem with socialism is that you soon run out of other people's money.
- Margaret Thatcher


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