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Successful floor repair after failure!

(09-28-2011, 02:51 PM)Ernesto Wrote:  Well first off most people are not going to entirely move out of a home so you can come in and powerwash everything including the walls.

You've got furniture, possibly expensive furnishings, paintings/artwork, draperies, moisture sensitive things like books and other floorcoverings to worry about. Not to mention wood doors and casings. It ain't all sheetrock and steel doors and casings like in hospitals.

Secondly people have to live there during the flooring install. They don't like having their lives totally disrupted. In commercial work everyone goes where....home.

Hmmm... In an operating hospital there are patients in the rooms, often that cannot move or can only move for a few hours. They are often sensitive to dust and odors. Their immune systems are often compromised.

As for books, drapes, doors, furnishings...... All of that gets removed. The process will only take a few days and everything has to go. Anything mounted to the walls that cannot be removed will be covered with plastic and sealed.

All doors in hospitals are wood. Except for some fire doors and exterior doors, I'd say 90% of the doors are wood. And they are a lot more expensive than a residential wood door!

So commercial is the same, we just take more time for prep and clearing things out, and we don't get rid of our residents all day while they go to work! Wink
JD Grafton
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