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Successful floor repair after failure!

Awwww Yes the old chemical abatement process...I can't really complain as at least 1/3 of my inspections are in schools usually starting bout now through the end of the calendar year investigating and conducting moisture testing after the floor covering has started to prematurely and rapidly dis-bond from the contaminated concrete.

Contaminate the concrete surface with petroleum or soy mixed with some nasty sodium hydroxide surfactants, then use wax or chlorine based absorbents, then use industrial "Water Based" degreasers in an attempt to neutralize the concrete surface, then more "water" mixed with vinegar or maybe bacon soda in another attempt to neutralize the neutralizer.


Sodium hydroxides increases alkalinity to dangerous levels, chlorine (Tide detergent) increases alkalinity to dangerous levels, soy, petroleum and water carrier the sodium hydroxide deep into the concrete, degreasers push it even further with the use of more water.

Everything is fine until a non breathable floor covering material is installed causing the concrete slab to reach equilibrium. This creates a massive moisture movement from deep within the slab bringing with it the sodium hydroxide, now some potassium hydroxide and even a little calcium hydroxide all of which will increase the alkalinity to insane levels re-emusifiying everything in their path.

Once the affected floor covering material is removed during the investigation there is always a shiny slick material on the negative side that smells like either soybeans, oranges, oil and or grease, but almost never like the specified adhesive.

The abatement contractor simply states that the concrete must have a moisture problem and he's right as post abatement moisture testing is typically high as is the pH, however that moisture was introduced by you know who!

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