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Successful floor repair after failure!

I hear so much about these miracle sprays, fast fixes and low prep magic solutions for floor failures I get nauseous. Each one has a list of projects that they have 'successfully' repaired.

I have always been skeptical and want the details, the testing, the analysis, and of course the bullet proof warranty.

You can spray anything on a wet concrete slab and have a vinyl floor stick to it for a while. Especially of the flooring isn't stressed. I like to tell clients you can lay a throw rug on the floor and it will stay there forever, but try to roll a piano over it and see what happens. Confused

To clarify the absurdity of some repair methods I offer this repair scenario which was performed in a medical facility I am very familiar with. The background: Slab on grade, no vapor retarder, previous flooring was VAT. Area in question is a busy hallway with gurney traffic. Chemical adhesive abatement was followed by installation of an ultra high performance sheet flooring.
The flooring bubbled and failed almost immediately.

Manufacturer's reps were called in and gave their recommendation which was not followed. Instead the installer used his own method and the floor has been failure free for two years.

This is where 99% of those 'Our product works just use it!!!" companies stop their banter. What is this miracle method? It's cheap!! It obviously worked! What is it????

Here it is! Get out your checkbook: The installer pulled up the floor and reinstalled it. That's it. No sprays, powders, grinding, voodoo seances, or pretty manufacturer reps required. This method worked just as good as any silicate spray (better in fact because the floor isn't contaminated with silicates now!) and the client is happy. But nobody made any money selling any snake oil, so nobody is selling this method.

But you can feel free to use this secret repair that is PROVEN to work. Big Grin
JD Grafton
Concrete Answers for Flooring Problems

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