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Speaking of NFL...
02-15-2013, 03:46 AM
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RE: Speaking of NFL...
Believe it or not, I took the day off work. Well I had some other things to do, but ... Smile

You'd be surprised how many Aussies make a day of Superbowl. One of the pubs in Geelong had a big thing going- big screens, buffalo wings and Bud on tap. It was booked out. It was on a free to air channel, but I went to a mate's place and watched it on a big HD internet stream which means we got all the US advertising- enhanced the whole experience very well!

Great game. I was going for the Ravens, but the tension at the end was priceless. Fake field goals, a 108 yard return touchdown, the Beyonce Blackout. It had it all. Really enjoyed it.

Pat Atherton
Floor Test Australia

Our beer is not expensive, just less cheap.
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