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Rubensgt40 is now a Concrete Moisture Coach. Congratulations!

No worries man, what you have to do is take THE 5 north to THE 80 go west till you hit THE 101 then south till you get back to the PCH and like when you hit major traffic hang ten on some knarly waves ... man.

From the Indiana State University reference man Jeff Graf:

Like barnacles, a thick crust of speculation has gathered over the word "Hoosier" to explain the origin of Indiana's nickname. Popular theories, diligently and often sincerely advanced, form a rich, often amusing body of folklore. Those theories include: "Who's here?" as a question to unknown visitors or to the inhabitants of a country cabin; Hussar, from the fiery European mounted troops; "Huzzah!" proclaimed after victory in a fight; Husher, a brawny man, capable of stilling opponents; Hoosa, an Indian word for corn; Hoose, an English term for a disease of cattle which gives the animals a wild sort of look; and the evergreen "Who's ear?" asked while toeing a torn-off ear lying on the bar room floor the morning after a brawl.

The best evidence, however, suggests that "Hoosier" was a term of contempt and opprobrium common in the upland South and used to denote a rustic, a bumpkin, a countryman, a roughneck, a hick or an awkward, uncouth or unskilled fellow. Although the word's derogatory meaning has faded, it can still be heard in its original sense, albeit less frequently than its cousins "Cracker" and "Redneck."

So there you have it... Hoosier is a derogatory term! I never knew that until I looked it up!

Yoopers are people that live in the U.P. (didn't I just explain this?). The U.P. is the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. And yes they talk kind of like the canooks from just north of them, and canooks from different parts of Canada talk differently.

the first time I went to the U.P. I swore the people I met were joking, putting me on... There's no WAY they could actually talk like this I thought.... But they do!
JD Grafton
Concrete Answers for Flooring Problems

Ah yes I just edited my previous on the U.P thing.

I asked two Indianans why Hoosier and they didn't know. Maybe they didn't wanna know...

Ah well, if y'all ever come Down Under I guarantee you'll need subtitles. We pride ourselves on sounding as incoherent as possible, especially for visitors.

- 'Scarn mayd- orr-ride? (How do you fare? Are you well?)
- Yeah orr-ride. Carn k'plane. (I am fair, thanks for asking. I cannot protest my current disposition)
- yoo garn tha f'wdy? (will you be attending the much anticipated game of Australian Rules this coming weekend?)
- Nah, bluddy missus maken me mah tha looorns. (Unfortunately not, as my good wife has requested that I do something about our long and hazardous grass problem, which is totally fair, of course)
- Fair dinkum? Strooth. (Is that so? My word...)
The problem with socialism is that you soon run out of other people's money.
- Margaret Thatcher


I know you Australians can really lay a thick accent on... I would have no idea what you're saying.... Big Grin
JD Grafton
Concrete Answers for Flooring Problems

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