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Relative Humidity Hysteresis

hysteresis |ˌhistəˈrēsis| noun Physics
the phenomenon in which the value of a physical property lags behind changes in the effect causing it, as for instance when magnetic induction lags behind the magnetizing force.

Layman's terms: RH probes can lag behind the actual reading by a small amount as the concrete humidity changes. You'll have to ask Jason or Ed if hysteresis can cause a lag greater than the percentage of variation inherent in the probes.

If I am close to a target RH before a go / no-go decision is going to be made, I insert a couple fresh probes to get new readings to compare.

I think this is really important if the probes started out reading in the high 90's. The alkalinity is so high at that RH I don't see how the sensors resist damage if they are exposed to it for a long period of time.
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