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Rapid RH video Ideas for Jason

I'm sitting in an Ardex refresher class and they hand out this flyer for Wagner Rapid Rh probes.... We started discussing probes and all things related and then they plug in this video.......

Howard is first up, then Peter, then Ray puts in a few words, and who else is on there??? Is that a cameo of Jason spreading adhesive??? Hard to tell...

Then they showed Jason installing a probe:

Nice job Jason and Wagner! Nice videos! I'll be fielding questions at the bar tonight that weren't answered by Ardex, they went over the RH a bit quickly and left guys wondering about proper depth and where to place probes, and a couple guys were at break saying the probes would be great for commercial work, but residential sure wouldn't use them. I talked a bit to those guys and will work on them some more. Even placing a couple probes will help them immensely!!! I'll just send Jason the bar bill for my time spent discussing RH probes.Big Grin

Anyway we went into Ardex's training room and who do I see but Peter working on a top secret concrete issue.... (I'll deny I saw him if anyone asks)... so we chatted a bit and I asked him out to dinner with us. Hopefully he can come, he was working on a pretty cool project in typical Craig fashion, with nuts and bolts and hammers and bags of stone together with micrometers and precision measuring equipment... Tongue
JD Grafton
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