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RH test results varying


You bring up some great points here. Two variables you have not told us of though are:

1) The ambient conditions in the room, RH% and temp.
2) Concrete temp each time you read the RH% in the concrete

These are very important to know in answering the question appropriately. I can paint a broad brush and try to give some input.

1) Friday to Monday variance-Typically, the jobsite heat is turned down and or off over the weekend because there are typically no trades working. If the temperature is altered drastically over this time period, the RH% will respond accordingly. All things being equal, RH% and Temp are inversely related.
2) Another thing to look at is have mudders and painters been in the area over this time period. Both will attribute to higher than normal RH% in the area due to moisture and heat. This can impact the concrete readings.
Concrete is like a sponge and tries to emulate the environment it lives in. Taking two steps forward (lower RH%) and on step back (higher RH%) will happen as conditions change in the room during construction.
If you can get the two bits of information I first stated, the forum may be able to help more.


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