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RH test results varying

Hello all,

I am new to the forum and am hoping to get some information/advice.

I am a project manager for a flooring firm in MN and am currently monitoring the RH on a slab for a project we will be installing VCT on.

I have 4 tests in currently, and they have been in for 3-1/2 weeks.

My question has to do with how much one can expect the RH readings to vary day to day? On Friday, my readings were 90%/96%/99%/88% and today, Monday, they were 93%/96%/99%/91%. So tests 1 and 4 both swung by 3 percentage points. I have some concerns that test #1 may have been compromised, as 2 weeks ago it went from 93 to 89 to 81 and then up to 93 all in a weeks time. Then it stayed at 93 for a week, then did the 88 to 91 swing over the weekend.

The adhesive we are using requires a 90% reading.

I will also note that the pH readings have been at between 7-7.5 the entire time. I also did one calcium chloride test near my RH test that has been reading 99% the entire time, and that came in at 6.87#/1000sf/24 hrs.

I know when I report the readings to the GC they are going to question why the readings were ok on Friday, but have now swung back up into the unacceptable range. If anyone knows were I can find more documented information on this I would appreciate that as well.

Thanks in advance! [/font]
Project Manager

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