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RH in Concrete for Wood Floor with Vapor Membrane
05-01-2013, 07:20 AM
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RE: RH in Concrete for Wood Floor with Vapor Membrane
The MFMA has revised the acceptable level of relative humidity in a concrete slab for non-glue down floor systems from <=80% to <=85%. This revision was made in response to feedback received from our contractor members during the past several years. The MFMA Technical Committee reviewed this information and felt confident raising the level to 85% based on contractor experience with successful installation of maple systems over concrete slabs with relative humidity level in excess of 80%.
MFMA continues to only recognize the testing of a concrete slab’s relative humidity levels using the most recent version of ASTM F2170. Please refer to the instructions of the manufacturer’s relative humidity test kit for details on how to administer the test correctly. MFMA now recommends that the relative humidity level for a concrete slag for a non-glue-down maples floor system is 85% or lower and for glue down systems the relative humidity remains at 75% or lower before installation. For concrete relative humidity conditions above MFMA”s recommendation consult your MFMA Sport Floor Contractor or your MFMA Manufacturer.
So this means a sports floor over screeds not glued to the floor 85% is allowable BUT for glue down floors 80% is the requirement. Remember this is for sports floors. Manufacturers of Maple floors for other than sports floors the requirement by all mfg’s of residential is 75% relative humidity.
One must be careful about what exactly is the situation!
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