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RH in Concrete for Wood Floor with Vapor Membrane

Thanks, the look was good but I had to go through tons of wood to get that floor right because the wood had dried down so much it made the milling off. So each row was carefully end matched.

And then there was the stairs. Ouy. All pies on the big one, and concrete on the other that I had to lay plywood on. Plus protect the ply from vapor emissions on the stairs.

Thats the kinda jobs I like, ones that test your skills and competence. Not that it was anything exorbitant like borders and insets. Just fun. I think the price for that big room ran about $14 a sqft U.S. Labor only. The slab was horribly rough and needed a thorough grinding before the MVP4 went down. Plus I used the Wagner Rapid Rh, and Cacl. Double checked them before and after the application of the MVP4. Then checked after it was covered with 6mil plastic. Ran CaCl tests after the application of 6 mil plastic to see the differences in MVER on CaCl with the slab totally covered, duct taped around the domes.

Veddy interesting results I must say.
Stephen Perrera dba
Top Floor Installation Co.

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RE: RH in Concrete for Wood Floor with Vapor Membrane - Ernesto - 08-23-2012, 07:25 PM

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