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RH in Concrete for Wood Floor with Vapor Membrane
06-19-2012, 11:49 AM
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RE: RH in Concrete for Wood Floor with Vapor Membrane
1) Yes we would all like Koster or Ardex under the floor but at $4.50 sf it isn't cost effective.
2) If there was a plumbing leak the existing wood floor would have fallen apart. Also a plumbing leak defeat any Koster or Ardex anyway. I had one job where the bleacher guys drilled into a water pipe when mounting the bleachers to the wall. The floor was saved thanks to a great superintendent on the job who took car jacks and jacked up the entire wood floor system 5', ran fans and dehumidifiers all night. Cost them a pretty penny for the fix (~1/4 of the floor had to be replaced) but it wasn't a total loss.

When it comes to Warranties, if you have to go to the Warranty you are screwed anyway. I was talking to my REEF rep (0.22 s/f) and was discussing the perm tests with him. He discounted the perm ratings. However his product is fiber re-inforced which might work better under a floor for wear and tear over time. The Stego (0.20 s/f) rep pushes the perm tests but discounted any abrasion over time.

Still though, no one has provided me any guidance as to my original question as to how to select an RH guide. Just a lot of talk. Just like Calcium Chloride is used as a 'well it should be about X pounds' I am getting the feeling the way people come up with RH guide numbers is not based in any science or logic.
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