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RH and MVER Concrete Moisture Conversion table

There is NO CORRELATION between RH and MVER.

Think of it this way:

You have a dry slab, 50 years old, suspended, RH is 55%.
You wet that slab for 24 hours, flood it.
The slab RH is still 55%, the surface water soaked in 1/4" to 1/2" or so.
A CaCl test will read about 12lbs placed on that wet surface.

Conversely a slab in a very dry building laying on a wet subsoil can read 3lbs MVER because the surface is very dry, but the lower portion of the slab is very wet. RH readings can easily reach 90%+. Cover that slab with a moisture sensitive flooring and the concrete will continue to absorb water and RH will climb even higher.

I have personally seen these scenarios, they are very real.

JD Grafton
Concrete Answers for Flooring Problems
[email protected]

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