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Problems in the UK, HELP!!!!

"I am not a surveyer, do you in the States have slab only based qualifications??" What do you mean by this?

I'm presuming Bugs is asking if there are certifications purely for slab testing for flooring. The ICRI cert is the first answer which pops to mind.

This was the exact same question I asked one year ago. 12 months and a trip to the Windy City later, I'm a little more clued up Smile
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Don't the manufacturers tell you how to determine if the screeds are proper and ready for flooring? Or are the products so new that they haven't caught up with them yet?

Some of the screeds we use in the US require testing by the old plastic sheet method.
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Concrete Answers for Flooring Problems


I suggest running away from these sort of things. I had the same problem when installed decorative concrete in my patio.

It is always advised to contact a concrete contractor and maybe hire him for the job (as I learned later...)


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