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Old Slab Test

Could someone point me to the right way to measure a pre WWII slab that has no moisture membrane under it?

Like any other slab. However you do need to relate that the test is good for only a few days to weeks depending on weather, rain etc.

IMHO a slab with a vapor barrier under it should not be influenced as much if at all if it's done correctly.

The point is there is no vapor barier.

What environmental conditions will provide the highest reading? a low rh day or a high one?

Hello eaadams,
What are you looking to do with this slab? If you are just looking to test it then you should test it and report the readings at the time of the test.

If however you are looking to determine the long-term suitability of installing a moisture sensitive flooring, I suggest you refer to ACI-710 which requires a moisture barrier under every slab intended to receive flooring. And all manufacturers will follow ACI 710.

No vapor retarder = unlimited failure potential.
JD Grafton
Concrete Answers for Flooring Problems

Yes we are putting a vapor sensitive floor covering down. I am awaiting instructions from the national tech manager of the product.

As my little friend in Phoenix say's "seal it and forget it". Rolleyes

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