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Now you see why I don't want Bob on this site!

People can have any floor covering they desire! But the conditions for a proper installation must be met.

If the floor is too wet for vinyl, you may do alright with ceramic. Or maybe a stained floor. If the client needs to have rubber and the floor has no vapor retarder, then they will need an MMS installed. Somewhere along the line the moisture needs to be taken care of first.
It is my contention that the alkalinity causes the adhesive to fail, and the moisture can make some patches fail. If you put a good dry adhesive in a bucket of water for a month, nothing happens. If you put Feather on a chunk of Durock and submerse it in water for a few hours, it gets mushy. And a strong alkaline solutions breaks down many adhesives.

(05-11-2011, 06:49 AM)Ernesto Wrote:  So, tell me. When you put a homogeneous vinyl floor over a slab thats reading over the limit, what exactly is going to make the floor fail? Is it MVER or alkalinity? How much MVER will there be if the slab is running 93% rh?

MVER and RH are NOT related. Consider this: a piece of concrete dried to 10% RH in an autoclave will have low moisture and when placed in a room with 40% RH ambient, the concrete will suck moisture from the air. It will have moisture in it yet but will have no MVER. Likewise if a high moisture slab is in a high moisture ambient, it can have a lot of moisture inside with no emission. Sooooooo.... A MVER test cannot accurately detect moisture in a slab. This is further complicated by tightly sealed concrete, dense surfaces, excessive curing, changes in ambient and temperature.

The Wagner RH probe will tell us what is in the slab, and then dozens of years of experience and testing tells us what the magic number is for no failures.
JD Grafton
Concrete Answers for Flooring Problems

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