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Now you see why I don't want Bob on this site!

And I hope you never do have a failure!!!

My background was to guarantee a floor for a lifetime. Not a year. Not two years. A LIFETIME. The testing we found was most accurate is the Rapid RH.

Now Nora rubber accepts NOTHING but the Rapid RH. And they will guarantee their floors using nothing but the Rapid RH. They will NOT ACCEPT any other in-situ probe. They have done extensive testing prior to taking such a strict stance. So if you install Nora rubber, you'll have to use Rapid RH probes if you want a warranty.

So when I say RH testing, I am specifically meaning Rapid RH, but I don't know if Wagner wants me talking that way outside of their own blogs. Big Grin

So that's my position. I'll guarantee a slab using just the Rapid RH. That's how sure I am it works. My money, my company, my decision. Wink
JD Grafton
Concrete Answers for Flooring Problems

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