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Now you see why I don't want Bob on this site!

You ain't been me or a flooring installer/contractor. I've done prolly 90% of my jobs on concrete over 35 years with no failures. knock knock.

When I hear how Cacl tests are no good I look back and think. Maybe I was just lucky all those years. I have walked into houses and called it a wet slab. Totally righ using the testing methods of those days. It's easy to spot.

I've done the plastic. I've done the 1869 every which way, old way, new way. Ph tests, new CME meters, yup. Old meters you drove nails into the concrete to make contact with. Now I have a new tool, the rapid rh. Just one of many. But it ain;t the God send of the Universe.

Had a friend tell me today, insitu testing is just telling me the rh of the concrete surrounding that test point. Just like a CaCl test gives you a reading in that one area for the depth of a couple inches over 72 hours. Pretty much what Bob is trying to convey to you. I cannot divuldge his name but if you knew you would freak. He heads the most prestigious inspection entity known to the USA at this point in time.

Moisture testing is a crap shoot. I am just glad I do not count on one method on those HUGE commercial jobs that could really come back to bite yer azz.

Obviously you heard the guy on Linkedin say there are more and more failures in europe and they use what? Insitu. Finally someone confesses that insitu is not the cureall to moisture testing concrete.
Stephen Perrera dba
Top Floor Installation Co.

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RE: Now you see why I don't want Bob on this site! - Ernesto - 05-07-2011, 05:57 PM

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