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Now you see why I don't want Bob on this site!

Stephan, I'll get Goran's book.
My point is the industry people I work with are very consistent and trust the Wagner Rapid RH. We base our work on its results day in and day out. You can't do that with CaCl. You don't know what you have with a CaCl test! Wagner has proved MVER is flawed, Howard has proved it, Suprenant has proved it, Craig scoffs at it, I mean come on! You can watch CaCl fail in front of your eyes!

And that was my challenge to Bob, the biggest promoter of MVER testing and RELYING solely on MVER testing to determine if a slab is ready for flooring.... I have several slabs that read low MVER but ultra high RH and nobody in their right mind would put a rubber floor on them, yet he espouses complete reliance on MVER and bashed the RH test as voodoo.

Then when his slabs fail he says it's because of condensation at the time of glue installation. Get real.
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RE: Now you see why I don't want Bob on this site! - CC Solutions - 05-06-2011, 06:00 AM

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