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New versus old readers....

I just talked to Jason today (which was long overdue but I believe the cold weather in Wisconsin has frozen my brain) about the new reader we need when we use the new Rapid RH probes with the red sensor plate.

The sensor plate can be seen when looking down the barrel of the probe. There is a red or black ring around the copper circles at the bottom. Red is the newest sensor version and the previous reader will NOT work with the red probes.

Jason explained the new probes have a more robust sensor installed which works with a new software version. The new readers are made to read the red probes and will also read the black plated probes. The older readers can only read the black sensor plate probes.

So if you are getting an error reading when trying to read your probes, look in the barrel and see if there is a red ring around the connection circles.... It could be you need an updated reader!!!

JD Grafton
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