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Moisture issues in concrete slab

I am going over to Hawaii to install a large marble floor on a concrete slab. This will be a new slab. Is there anything I need to know about moisture in the slab in Hawaii that won't be taken care of with the vapor barrier after a 28 day cure due to the humidity or anything else? This is above grade.

You’ll get to know Hawaii pretty well if the slab has only had 28 days to cure. You still have to wait for it to dry after its cured. That can take months even if youre in the Mohave desert. If you want it to dry quicker, I’d suggest you get the room enclosed with big fans. Or you can put a sealant on the concrete to keep the moisture from coming up. I'd rather wait around and see Hawaii.

Thankfully Hawaii is pretty much permanently humid..it's all relative..no pun intended... The dryness is a relative factor and it is actually best if concrete never drop below an internal r.h. of 80% which allows the concrete to continue curing..the longer concrete cures, the denser it becomes, the the relative amount of moisture available in the pores becomes less and less of an issue..the denser the concrete, the smaller the pores and the fewer remain connected...

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