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MMS- Are some unreliable with high RH?

No, you have to meet ALL of Bostik's requirements. Wink

And you can do CaCl tests by the zillions, and I do mean ZILLIONS and have all of them come in at .00000000000000000001lb MVER. You can document it with video, audio, you can have your governor standing there watching you do the tests, you can use a scale brought in from a NASA, you can have Geraldo Rivera do a documentary of the quality and accuracy of your MVER testing....

And the first time you have a failure, even if it is due to a getaway car from a local bank robbery smashing through the window and the car tires tearing through the flooring as it does a burn-out, if the manufacturer puts down a CaCl test and reads anything more than 3lbs MVER your warranty is VOID.

That's the way it is. It DOES NOT matter what the floor WAS, it only matters what it is when the failure happens and the floor is tested at that time.

This my friend, is at the VERY HEART of the problem installers are having today, why they don't understand what is happening and what they need to test for, and why building owners are getting screwed daily. Dodgy

I have said before, with some manipulation I can make any floor read less than 3lbs MVER, but that's just NOT the point. The goal is to understand all the factors that make a slab ready for flooring and assure all those factors are proper before the floor is installed. That way you have a good installation with full warranties and backing of all the parties involved.

It baffles my mind why any installer would do anything less, when they have no liability in the project unless they cut corners. Huh
JD Grafton
Concrete Answers for Flooring Problems

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