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MMS- Are some unreliable with high RH?
11-10-2011, 05:13 PM
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RE: MMS- Are some unreliable with high RH?
Quote: I checked with Bostik regarding the use of their Bostik's Best adhesive. They are pretty clear that it is NOT for concrete slabs without a proper vapor retarder. So any installation with their Best on a slab with no retarder would void the warranty.

"For substrates that have an MVER of greater than 12 lbs or an RH greater than 82% or for substrates where a vapor barrier is not
used or is not functioning below slab, use Bostik Ultra-Set® SingleStep™or Bostik MVP4/Bostik Adhesive System. "

Or...or and or. But what if I test and my readings are under the prescribed limit?

The MVP4 is my fav, I like having a film that is totally set up to glue over verses the new one step products.

Hey, here is one of the leading underlayments for the industry as far as floating laminate and hardwood floors go. They claim it is 700 + percent more effective that other underlayments as far as moisture concerns go. See what test they require. Check it out;

Stephen Perrera dba
Top Floor Installation Co.
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