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MMS- Are some unreliable with high RH?
11-09-2011, 05:51 PM
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RE: MMS- Are some unreliable with high RH?
Thank you Stephen, JD and Evan- always informative (and a little entertaining... )

I knew it would eventually re-open the MVER/ RH can of worms over which you guys have been sparring for a while.

JD, your comments in post #11, would I be close if I parahprased them, in below-layman's terms, thus: MVER tests show how much moisture may emit through the top of the slab. RH testing show what actually will, when floor coverings are applied.

I posted this originally, as I said, to guage the depth of importance of accurate moisture testing, since many contractors here will view a vapour barrier as a panacea to the whole thing. I'm probably still not clued up enough on the variables between the vapour barrier products to fully understand it. We don't even get the Koster

JD: "I have not said you cannot test an MMS as it sits on the floor. As far as I'm concerned it would be just fine. What you would learn from such a test may be questionable though. Are you seeking to quantify the MVER?"

We're just having that debate here with a vapour barrier manufacturer, and on a thread in Linkedin. Most manufacturers do their own testing for their spec-sheets, obviously. One with whom we deal actually suggests that contractors do RH hood tests before and after application of the barrier "just to be sure".

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