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MMS- Are some unreliable with high RH?

I'm not sure if I understand your point, but testing a film and testing a film that has been applied to an unknown substrate under unknown conditions is vastly different.

I have not said you cannot test an MMS as it sits on the floor. As far as I'm concerned it would be just fine. What you would learn from such a test may be questionable though. Are you seeking to quantify the MVER? We have seen readings of a half pound or more MVER when a test is placed on a glass plate. Are you seeking to determine if the slab is ready for flooring? We know it is because we have a warranty sheet in our file and the MMS manufacturer guarantees the job.

In the lab the film being tested has a clearly defined and controlled vapor pushing against it. In the field on a cement slab? No. More variables. I am also not sure if the chemicals used in any MMS would skew MVER readings.

So I would say if you do test MVER on membranes, when it comes to interpreting the test results you may be forging new ground. The best way to make sense of your tests may be to document MVER readings, RH readings, ambient conditions and then calculate those against lab E96 rates for the product you are using.... But isn't that what the MMS companies have already done?
JD Grafton
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