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Light Weight Concrete on Pan Deck

I hope the installation works well for you! (now stop reading arlington Tongue )

For others reading this, I have come across adhesives that are supposed to work to 90% and when they fail the manufacturer points to alkalinity, slab cleanliness or a myriad of other 'issues'.

From the manufacturer's data sheet for CBC 5100:
Concrete substrates must comply with limitations of moisture and alkalinity, with in-situ Relative Humidity per ASTM F2170 not to exceed 90%, and substrate readings between 7.0 and 11.0 pH. The concrete slab must be clean, dry smooth and flat.

From the above disclaimer I can see if the surface reads more than 11pH they can deny warranty, or if the slab is dirty, dusty, etc. they can deny warranty, and the word that really bugs me is 'dry'. What do they consider 'dry'? Every time a floor fails and we open it up there seems to be a good chance there will be high alkalinity and the adhesive will be destroyed and 'wet'.

Adhesive manufacturers will also commonly tie their moisture requirements to the flooring limits. Meaning you can have an adhesive good to 90% but if the floor is only good to 75% then that's all they will warrant to....

Speaking of warranty, there is none listed on the CBC website, in fact, they don't list the CBC 5100 adhesive either. They list no adhesive warranties at all. I wondered if the warranty is a replacement bucket of adhesive, which is pretty common for most manufacturers.

Okay I just wrote to CBC to get the warranty using the product with another manufacturer's product, such as a VCT or whatever. I asked just exactly what is your warranty? Is it a new bucket of glue or will you replace any defective areas or what? They replied:

Hi JD it s incorporated in our flooring products warranties. We do not offer a stand alone adhesive warranty.

I'm kind of a pessimist because I see these things play out every day. People WANT to do the right thing and a good job, then something happens and they get the fine print thrown back at them..... Sad
JD Grafton
Concrete Answers for Flooring Problems

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