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Laminate on concrete slab

Is it to late to chime in?

First, double layers of underlayment are usually a no-no with floating floors. Although I have used cork and attached cushion. Also Quick-step makes a rigid underlayment for people who want more insulation. The thing is it cannot be to soft or the locking mechanism may fail.

Below grade it is all about protection against moisture. Anything with a drain is a no no but have done that. If your in an area prone to high water table I'd say forget it unless your basement has been sealed up by a professional. Then temp and relative humidity always plays a part with laminate and wood flooring. The basement needs to have a controlled environment, rh and temp within the zone required by manyfacturers, typically much the same as hardwood floors. Even vinyl planks have moisture, temp and rh requirements.

I'd do the plastic sheet test if you can get the environment controlled, and for a week to stabilize it first. Lots of moisture undere the mat will tell you that it would not be a healthy environment for either you or the floor unless you spend lots of money on an epoxy vapor system. Go with a heavy 8 mil plastic vapor retarder plus 2&1 cushion/vapor retarder and run the plastic up the walls. Finish with a vinyl or rubber vented cove base made for sports floors.

For the record, layered roofing mastic and plastic was a very viable vapor retarding system and approved by NOFMA and the NWFA for hardwood floors over concrete with a sleepr system or fastened down ply over concrete.
Stephen Perrera dba
Top Floor Installation Co.

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