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Laminate on concrete slab
07-22-2012, 07:00 PM (This post was last modified: 07-22-2012 07:12 PM by Dancer.)
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Laminate on concrete slab
I'm a dancer and my house has a bonus room downstairs (i.e., finished basement) that I wanted to turn into a studio. I went to the local Lumber Liquidators and explained what I wanted to do. The best approach seemed to be laminate because I needed cushioning for dancing. (The kind i purchased has a sort of black foam attached to it.) It was also more economical than trying to build a floating floor.

I also purchased a separate moisture barrier. It's blue and foam like. I actually bought all this two years ago and some details I cannot quite remember. I still have the laminate but never installed it. Currently there is carpet and it is due to be replaced.

I would like to have the laminate installed now but have since learned of all the moisture problems with basements. Are my dreams to have a home studio gone, either because laminate is a terrible idea or because it would be cost prohibitive to ensure a successful installation with no mositure leakage? Are there other options I might not be considering? (Replacing the carpet is the last thing I want to do because of my allergies.)

An acquaintance who is a contractor said I should put s layer of tar down. That really blew my mind!

I don't want to spend money on installation if I'm going to end up with warped or moldy floors. I would really appreciate some guidance from experts. It seems relying on the store to give me all the right information was a colossal mistake.

Thank you!
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