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JD's ref: RH and MVER conversion explanation

Everyone should be reading the last two issues of Concrete Construction. Lee from IFTI did an article on CC testing. This month they had some others do a kinda softball counter argument. I'm QUITE surprised there wasn't a more significant article on RH. But perhaps that is coming with the silicate article they better produce after this year's ... bitchfest ... online after the WOC lunch discussion.

I personally use IFTI some times. However, I have discovered some of their testers trying to side sell work on these projects. Not appreciated since I'm the one that sent em there. And then I put a note in the database and said bye bye to that region for IFTI testing.

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RE: JD's ref: RH and MVER conversion explanation - eaadams - 04-29-2013, 04:14 PM

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