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JD's ref: RH and MVER conversion explanation

I occasionally do testing for IFTI they require MVER, RH testing, PH and surface scan. Never could figure out why MVER until I read JD's post.

Also the last job I did for them was a 35,000 sf space that had been empty for a long time. Well we had a downpour, rare in El Paso, that lasted 45 minutes.
It was then that in the rear an incredible amount of water leaked onto the floor in the back section. Not near where I had 3 sites.

So I now see why they have me do them all now. RH for deep and MVER in case the top has moisture not evident deeper down. Boy, I am getting an education here!

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JD's ref: RH and MVER conversion explanation - jim decker - 03-23-2013, 09:39 AM

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