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ICRI Certification

This program is run through ICRI. I have been serving as the lead examiner and Peter Craig and Scott Tarr have been the instructors (and also examiners). Other examiners have included Lee Elisiean, Kelly Mortenson, Bill Lepito, Walter Bell, and Ralph Godfrey--not exactly kids. During the F 2170 testing phase, we have Wagner probes available as well as Delmhorst and Tramex probes and sleeves. We have also allowed people to bring their own equipment. All we require is that the test be run according to the requirements of F2170. By far, most people opt to use the Wagner probes.

Hmm interesting. That is a great list to google for articles.

I've been considering hiring Lee Elisiean to do some testing for our clients. (we don't test, require use of 3rd party firm)

The Wagner recommended spec doesn't require the use of ICRI certified testers. So I switch between that spec and George Donnelly's spec (which does require ICRI) depending on project.

However, now that I have a little more info I'll probably get ICRI certified next time they come to San Jose / SF or next year if I go to WOC.


I doubt that a requirement for certification to test concrete would ever happen. Lots of reasons why.
Stephen Perrera dba
Top Floor Installation Co.

Hi Bill,
My intent is not to discredit the ICRI training course as I'm sure it is a good course. I do question if I personally would benefit by going through the class.
I have conducted testing with Peter Craig, Bill Lepito, Howard Kanare, and Harald Muench, along with dozens of other inspectors over the years. If I haven't learned the proper way to conduct moisture testing by now, then I guess I'm hopeless. Big Grin
JD Grafton
Concrete Answers for Flooring Problems

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