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I think the economy is improving

(03-27-2012, 06:01 PM)CCR Wrote:  Hmmmmm. Denied a claim for low RPM drill? Then why does Ardex recommend mixing "less that a full bag" with a margin trowel for 2-3 min. in their instruction sheet? I suspect the guy mixed it on the floorl like has seen ever other installer do for the last 20 years, never measured the water, and off he went...

Geez, if you're baking a cake, don't you follow the recipe? Huh

What kills me is anyone, in any trade, that rushes a job or takes shorcuts. Installations can throw you enough curves, so who needs call backs and unhappy customers from failures due to poor installation practices. OK. I'm done rantingRolleyes

I suspect the claim was for a self-leveling, but to be completely honest I can't even remember which flooring guy was the one telling me.... I've been in three different states in the last two weeks, and I have learned to disregard most claims that these guys have followed the book and the mix was bad.... I've watched too many underlayment cowboys throwing down product and it makes me marvel that their stuff works at all.

I know that everyone tells me they can look at the mix and 'know' when it's right, and when you run a pump that's all you have to go by because they don't give you a viscosity reading to follow.... With Ardex self-levelers I have been very happy. I have mixed them with an extra cup of water to see what the product looks like and it really is a marked difference. An extra two cups per batch and a blind man can see the yellow cream that forms and notice the soupiness. Yet the leveler hardens like a rock anyway. So I can tell if some of the powder was left in the bag or if a measuring bucket wasn't level when it was filled. A little bit less water stiffens the mix and a tad extra thins it. I think it would be difficult to screw up an Ardex mix unless you try to.

JD Grafton
Concrete Answers for Flooring Problems

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