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I offered free RH testing

I visited a job where the slab is wet under the vinyl. The hospital has tried every repair the installer has recommended. They have changed glues, installed new patches, changed some areas to rubber... nothing works.

I looked at the job and told them it sure looks like a moisture issue. I was shown test results from a local engineering firm claiming the slab RH is in the 50's percent range. The report was done with fancy letterhead on fancy paper, but many important details were missing, the ASTM was not followed, and the equipment used I absolutely despise Tongue. The hospital paid a lot of money for the testing.

Because of all the repairs and existing floor bubbles the hospital facilities guy was under a lot of pressure to figure this out! He was being given so many conflicting reports, he was truly beside himself. I told the facilities engineer I would conduct RH testing for free, no strings attached, just so we could have solid results to look at. The job is several hours away from my office and he'd like me to do my testing at 6am. Big Grin

But you know what? No matter what happens we'll all learn something, and if things go the way I think they will, I'll prove my value to the facility and make some new friends in the industry. That is priceless!!
JD Grafton
Concrete Answers for Flooring Problems

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