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How do I get my concrete to cure faster!
08-20-2013, 04:37 PM
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RE: How do I get my concrete to cure faster!
Hi Jason,

Thanks for your welcome and reply. Also appreciate your efforts contacting Flowcrete! All 4 sensors are now consistently showing 99%RH and a fairly consistent 12'C. I have had two sheets of polythene taped to the floor for a couple days now and getting no condensation or even signs of a damp patch on the floor? But I suspect perhaps the low air temps and highish humidity are slowing the evaporation?

The Rapid RH units are quite new to New Zealand, no one in my area has seen them before. The supplier is showing a great deal of interest in the project as well

I now have a large gas heater keeping the hangar temp around 12'C at night (ambient is dropping to 0'C at night) and also fans circulating air. Hopefully this will help...

Unfortunately my very limited budget means we have to stick with the products mentioned, they seem to be the best I can afford. Are there any alternates you could suggest?

Thanks again for your help
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