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How do I get my concrete to cure faster!
08-20-2013, 11:43 AM
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RE: How do I get my concrete to cure faster!

First thing, welcome to the forum.

You have a good(better) news bad news scenario. First, bad news....I doubt, very seriously, given the ambient conditions of the facility, that 75%RH, internally in the slab, will be achieved for many months, if not years. Curing the concrete is one thing, based on the time you have described since concrete placement, the concrete has done most of its hardening. Drying to an acceptable level for a coating is quite another issue. The combination of heat and low RH in the air will give the slab the appropriate conditions for drying. Unfortunately, your RH differential between the slab and the air is low, thus making any moisture movement from the slab into the air slow. Most people will say, that to dry concrete as effeciently as possible you need:

1) Higher ambient dry heat in conjunction with low ambient RH%.
2) Air movement across the concrete.
3) Dehumidifcation equipment.

The heat and low ambient RH% allow the moisture in the concrete to move more rapidly from an area of high RH to an area of low RH. The air movement helps the moisture move out of the capillaries, once it has moved to the surface of the slab, and into the air. The dehumidifier then captures this increased moisture from the air, in order to keep the ambient RH% conducive for the cycle to continue. In your situation though, you may go through this, only to find out that once you put the environment back to its natural ambient RH%, the moisture will be reabsorbed into the concrete.

Now the good news, or at least better news. I called Flowcreate in Texas after looking at the technical data sheets for the products you are using. The EPW is being promoted for "green" concrete. When I spoke with their technical person, he confirmed that 95%RH is the number they look for with this product because it is a water based epoxy. After looking further, it looks like the OP product for texture may be the biggest problem because it is a 100% solid epoxy. Is there any chance that something else can be done for texture? I definitely am not an expert on these products, but it might be something worth investigating if timing is critical.

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