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How are you addressing cracks?

(10-19-2011, 09:55 PM)eaadams Wrote:  JD - have you ever used the Koster Joint Tape 20/30 and KB-Pox Adhesive under vinyl flooring?

I'm thinking it might work well. Looks like what is used to cover cracks on outdoor tennis courts: http://youtu.be/hWPtxRTpUkE

Koster has some fantastic products.

Two things about using this under vinyl floors, this tape is suitable in environments up to 10 pH, and we exceed that sometimes under vinyl floors, and it is an expensive and time consuming installation. It's really overkill wouldn't you say?

I fill cracks with a semi-rigid epoxy or urethane and patch over them. If anything moves the patch will fail no matter what joint method you use won't it?

I mean if it doesn't move you have no problem, but if the floor does move, is there anything short of a wall to wall isolation barrier that will stop the patch from cracking?
JD Grafton
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