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How are you addressing cracks?

1st) Idiots for trenching a new green slab. What a waste of man power for not planning it out.

A few questions:
1) What was the flooring that got wet? And what does that mean? If it got wet from vapor emissions from the bottomor did it get wet from the top?

Is it a crack in the trench? Is it a active (doweled) or inactive (sawcut) joint? If it a trench that has cracks on both sides I would weld the two together with a high viscosity injection like Roadware 10min Concrete Mender to try to keep the stresses on the slab at the main joints. If the joints are active then you have no guarantee that the crack will not telegraph through the top flooring. You can use a semi rigid as you describe and hope for the best. How do you address trenches under VAP?

Our local VAP guy is doing VAP over some trenches for us next week. I'll ask him how he did it.

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RE: How are you addressing cracks? - eaadams - 08-19-2011, 03:56 PM

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