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How are you addressing cracks?

I'm not talking about those kids running around with their pants half down... I don't understand that whole thing. I know as a teen you want to do something unique that upsets your parents, but in my day we grew our hair over our ears and kept our pants on.

The cracks I'm talking about are concrete cracks. I have a client that tried to seal his cracks around a group of trenches and his method failed, the flooring got wet and the patch and adhesive broke down. I asked what he tried and he told me he chipped out the gunk and debris and filled the cracks with an epoxy that took 2 hours to set and about 6 hours to harden.

Now he is asking me to recommend a repair.

My first thought is the vapor retarder is damaged at the trenches so moisture is a real problem (he did install a mitigation system on the new concrete in the trenches). I also really wonder how well the joints could have been cleaned using a chisel and a hammer. And then the epoxy that doesn't set for two hours could have drained into the subsoil and left voids. So my recommendation is this:

Clean the joints with a chasing grinder. Apply a mitigation epoxy to the concrete cracks as well as possible, the sides, edges, bottom, just get it in as good as he can. Then install a semi-flexible epoxy to seal the joint. I don't want to use an epoxy that is harder than the concrete itself or if the joint does move something will break, and it may break inches or feet away from the joint. It could cause an ugly meandering crack.

He could also use a two-part urethane as long as it is traffic bearing. Some of these semi-rigid products can stand up to cart traffic, resist crushing from heavy loads and actually stretch a bit if a joint shrinks. That's the type of product we want in these cracks.

If anyone has any other suggestions please chime in, or if you just enjoy my stories of struggle and strife, let me know!
JD Grafton
Concrete Answers for Flooring Problems

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