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How about heated slabs?
12-08-2013, 11:24 PM
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RE: How about heated slabs?
This is kinda similar to the EMC concept for timber flooring installers.

EMC = equilibrium moisture content. It's taken us years to get the guys to even test timber flooring, now it's gonna take years to teach them what to do with the figures once they have them. "I moisture tested the timber, and it's 8-9%, which is within the manufacturer's stated tolerances for that species" they would say triumphantly, then slap the timber down.

Then you have to explain that "tolerances" have nothing to do with it. It's about what the timber is likely to do, once installed in the premises in which they will spend the rest of their wooden lives. What's the climate like year round? What about the heating/cooling system? Is it evap?

So if the premises is going to maintain an average of around 55% RH and 26deg (that's celsius for you guys), then the ideal moisture content for a given timber might be, say, 10%. From that content, it will expand and contract a very small amount. However, if the premises is going to be 65-75% RH and 20deg for most of its life, it might be ideal for the timber to have a higher moisture content to maintain its shape more consistently.

Is this the same kinda thing for a slab in a moist area? Or does it all become academic once you slap a non-permeable surface on top of that slab in any conditions?

These are all huge questions. Carl Sagan couldn't pose any better.

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