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Flooring Failure & 99%RH


I am a homeowner of a 1978 house built on a slab. Here is the series of events

1. Noticed hardwood discoloring downstairs on slab
2. hired flooring contractor.
3. contractor ripped floor out
4. moisture under floor
5. plumber called- found slab leak, repaired it
6. 6 weeks later, flooring contractor determined floor was dry enough to put floor down (using a hand held meter and the plastic sheet test)
7. 8 months later I notice darkening of the floor in the room where the leak was
8. Had plumber return to check for leaks 3 times- no leaks
9. floor in the room that had the leak ripped up for moisture issues
10. RH probe put in 2 locations in my house. (1 in the area where the leak was, 1 10 feet away from it in a closet)
11. RH in the room where the leak was 99% RH for 3 months and stayed at 99%RH
12. RH in the closet RH 78%
13. Had foundation specialist out to house- He said foundation is fine but recommended french drain because we have a hill in the backyard.
14. had french drain installed
15. Had irrigation system checked - no leaks detected
16. Got in contact with concrete specialist who recommended we seal the concrete with Koster VAP 2000 system.
17. We had the Koster VAP 2000 system applied to the floor in the room with the flooring failure. That was in August (so far so good!)

Note: gutters & french drain - drain to the street via pipe

- Did we do the correct thing putting the Koster sealant down?
-Should the entire slab be sealed with Koster, presently just the room with the 99% RH is sealed?
-My garage which is attached to the house- the floor changes in color ( I assume related to humidity/moisture) is this an issue? My neighbor had this same issue and sealed the garage.

Thank you!

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