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**EXPERT Advice Needed** - VERY Moist Slab With LOTS of Vapor! What to do?

Hello JD,

Yes the solution undergoes a complete ionic exchange. There are so many similar products out there they "call" densifiers with varying effacacy. They fail to fully migrate to achieve a meaningful reaction as it re-engages Ca(HO)2 with unreacted cement resdue from the original batching. These ICD solutions are not a just a pore filler.

As I said we are not flooring people but concrete permeability is what flooring contractors must address. I have been listening to this same issue for decades but I can only count on my hand the number of floors we have rectified the VT issue. These have ranged from 8 to 22 lbs and we know ICD (intercellular Cement Densification) works.

Warrentee is contingent on proper prep and application proceedure. A contractor from Texas 19 years ago reduced 22 lbs to 2 then applied a special coating for a gymnasium. This has not lifted. I have their letter of appreciation.

I have your E-mail so can I send test data and project info with pictures of where we use ICD for concrete, gunnite or cemetitious building envelope applications. Stopping moisture, oil, chemicals etc migrating through concrete is only part of the reason for what one would employ ICD.

Most of our concrete (until recently) is below grade and in direct contact with gas, ground salts, sewer etc etc but now building contractors are our growing market. The world of concrete is vast and very diversed.

Thank you for your response.

Best regards.

John Macdonald.

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RE: **EXPERT Advice Needed** - VERY Moist Slab With LOTS of Vapor! What to do? - john macdonald - 11-02-2011, 07:40 PM

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